Training and Preparation

This page features all problems and possible solutions of the International Youth Math Challenge of previous years. The solutions are mostly example submission of outstanding participants.

General Information

Our team frequently receives the questions "How should I prepare for the competition?" and "What books would you recommend?". Following skills are required to solve the IYMC problems: There are multiple problems and questions in each round (qualification, pre-final, and final round) from a variety of mathematical areas: Additionally, the pre-final round usually includes special-creativity problems which require you to read a scientific article. The final round can also have questions related to the problems (e.g. the scientific article) from the pre-final round and qualification round.

Book Recommendations

In general, all standard school or university books from your local region are useful and contain all information required to approach the problems. For reference, please have a look at the following list of scripts that address mathematical problem-solving in an intuitive and entertaining way:

Problems of 2021

Qualification Round Qualification Round 2021
Basic Solution
Pre-Final Round Pre-Final Round 2021
Basic Solution
Final Round Final Round 2021
(Official) Solution

Problems of 2020

Qualification Round Qualification Round 2020
Basic Solution
Example Solution #1 (S. Aryal)
Pre-Final Round Pre-Final Round 2020
Basic Solution
Example Solution #1 (D. Nhat)
Final Round Final Round 2020
(Official) Solution

Problems of 2019

Qualification Round Qualification Round 2019
Example Solution #1 (Z. Xia)
Example Solution #2 (B. P. Tra)
Pre-Final Round Pre-Final Round 2019
Example Solution #1 (Z. Xia)
Example Solution #2 (B. P. Tra)
Final Round Final Round 2019
(Official) Solution

Problems of 2018

Qualification Round Qualification Round 2018
Example Solution #1 (S. Manandhar)
Example Solution #2 (R. Flores)
Pre-Final Round Pre-Final Round 2018
Example Solution #1 (R. Flores)
Example Solution #2 (N. Pohasii)
Final Round Final Round 2018
(Official) Solution