Sameez Sajwani

Official IYMC Ambassador

Sameez Sajwani
Pakistan, Karachi
Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan School, Karimabad

Greetings! I am Sameez from Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan School, Karachi, Pakistan (14 years old, a student of SSC-II). Interested in Mathematics and Computer Science (Web, Apps, and Games Development), I am looking forward to serving IYMC as one of their ambassadors. I am looking to pursue college from the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School in the field of Computer Science, with an intention to pursue Computer Science as my future career and develop apps for different platforms, like IYMC, as well as interactive websites and games. IYMC (International Youth Math Challenge) is an opportunity for you to use your mathematics skills for good, and those who think they are not good at mathematics, this contest would help you develop your mathematics skills.

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