Reem Emad Wagih Ahmed

Official IYMC Ambassador

Reem Emad Wagih Ahmed
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 240)

El Fayoum, Egypt
El Shahed Abd El Rahman Ali Al Bashihy Secondary Of Girls

I am Reem Emad. I am 17 years old in grade 12 . I have many hobbies such as playing the piano , riding a picycle and taking different courses but my favorite hobby is participating in competitions. I have participated in many scientific competitions. I started participating in competitions when I am 12 years old in grade7 until now. I participated in many scientific competitions, including Ambassador in IAAC Competition and I was one of the winners , I participated in IYMC Math Competition 2020, BRAIN BEE ( Neurosciences ) competition, ISEF Competition, the Invention of a Scientific Device Competition and a Poetry competition Now, I am a member of the ICBS program is an engineering education program . I worked in voluntary works as a Human resources ( HR ) and markter . In the end, I advise every young person to try new things and participating in competitions because are exciting and give everyone experience

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