Md. Abrar Jahin

Official IYMC Ambassador

Md. Abrar Jahin
Bangladesh, Khulna
Khulna University Of Engineering And Technology (KUET), Bangladesh

Md. Abrar Jahin, CSCA™ (Certified Supply Chain Analyst), is currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), by maintaining excellence in the academic career. He is a former Gold Honor holder of IYMC 2019 from Bangladesh. As an ambassador, he started an after-school mathematics group. He hosted a mathematics workshop with IYMC problems and informed other local institutions about IYMC. He uses his leadership skills to form a local mathematics or IYMC group or club. He spreads IYMC posters in his university and on social media and also collaborates with other local schools, universities, and student clubs.

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