Eman Ellahi

Official IYMC Ambassador

Eman Ellahi
Pakistan, Karachi
Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan School

Assaalam u Alikum and Hello All! This is Eman Ellahi from Pakistan! I am currently a student of 9th standard. I have always been taking part in different international & national competitions. I am glad that I applied for IYMC. I am a content creator/influencer on YouTube and Instagram (@emanellahivlogs) and love to capture my life! I love Mathematics subject since it's understanding based.I love to cook & bake, it seems like kitchen is my ultimate fun place. I have got this inspiration from my Mom since she makes me scrumptious food whenever I am hungry! I play sports and especially love to play board games as they freshen up my mind! I love to spread happiness,peace and positivity in the world! Furthermore, I love to do creative stuff. I make DIYs , do gardening and am involve in Community services! Adding up more, I am friendly & fun loving person ,love to make new friends! I hope that I’ll get amazing and very new experience from here and would really love to engage myself with you all!

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