Abdullah Bin Aqeel

Official IYMC Ambassador

Abdullah Bin Aqeel
Pakistan, Faisalabad, Punjab
Divisional Model College

I am Abdullah bin Aqeel, a student of A level, from Faisalabad the 3rd largest in area and populations & 2nd biggest industrial city that is also known as Manchester of Pakistan, My father is a visionary business man while my mother is a well known professional personality of the city with her bundle of abilities to serve in business, motivational speaker, focused on women empowerment and a member of Board of directors for Vocational Training Institute Faisalabad and working hard to guide people that why technical education is important for a developed world. This rich visionary environment of my family leads me towards trends and capabilities of innovation and technical subjects like Math & Physics. In spite of lot of studies load, I always love to play foot ball, basket ball and rarely cricket. Book reading, sports, chess, research and developments, music are my hobbies and interests within my routine. Other than above routine, I am moving with WWF, IYMC ambassador, IAAC ambassador, Educational Institutes, Cyber fairs, Science research projects, Essay writing competitions and most important carrying with UN sustainable goals focusing on to end Hunger, to end Poverty and to education for all.

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