Andriamahazomandimby Rohimpitiavana Tommie

Official IYMC Ambassador

Andriamahazomandimby Rohimpitiavana Tommie
Madagascar, Antsirabe
Ymca Madagascar, Y Ketrika

Hey, I’m Tommie. Intent to major in math is quite scarce nowadays.Why? One major reason is the spreading of this famous stereotype: “Mathematics is extremely difficult, it is only for highly intelligent persons”. It is not always the case,though. I think the courage and perseverance to discover this subject could engender a deep connection with mathematics, which inevitably hones our logical thinking and problem-solving skills. “Love only grows by sharing...”, says Brian Tracy. I am fondly in love with mathematics, so enhancing young people scientific as well as mathematical interest is a way for me to share it, by helping voluntarily high school students, both male and female, detach from the well-known stereotype above mentioned, and dive into the complex useful beauty of math.

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