International Youth Math Challenge
The IYMC competition enables you to unleash your potential, creativity and math skills! The International Youth Math Challenge is the biggest online math competition for students from all countries. Every three months we publish a new math challenge for you online. You can win awards for excellence, qualify for the final round and join the international IYMC network for outstanding students - take this unique opportunity and participate today!
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Challenge of April
Every three months you find the new IYMC challenge with several math problems on this page. For a successful participation you have to solve at least one of the problems A, B or C correctly. The math problems vary in topic, difficulty, and subject. The problems range from geometry to number theory to make sure that everyone finds an interesting problem to work out! The challenges will not only sharpen your mind but also prove your math skills!

You can participate in IYMC any time and submit your solution. Correct solutions are honored by certificates that emphasize your capabilities and you join a unique network of excellent students around the world. You will also qualify for the pre-final round of IYMC! You have

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left to submit your solution! You can submit your solution via the submission form below: Submission. Participate this month in IYMC and show us your math skills!

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  What is IYMC?
The International Youth Math Challenge is an international mathematics competition that enables students from all countries to prove their math skills and to unleash their creativity.

 The Process
(Qualification Round) Every three months a new IYMC challenge is published online with three math problems: A, B, and C. In order to successfully complete the challenge you have to find the solution to at least one problem.
(Pre-Final Round) Successful participants can participate in the pre-final round in October. You have one day to solve the pre-final problems.
(Final Round) Sucessful finalists will participate in the final round that takes place in changing locations.

 Solving the Problems
You may approach the problems on a purely mathematical as well as algorithmic way. Thus
you can use your math knowledge as well as you programming skills to solve the problems.

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  Who can participate?
In order to be eligible to participate in the IYMC you have to be under 27 years old. There are no other restrictions and students from all grades and all countries are invited to participate!

To be able to solve the problems correctly you should be open minded and creative. You can apply your math knowledge to solve intersting problems or use your programming capabilities to find a solution. You should have an internet connection to submit your solution online. Until now over

853 students

participated in IYMC from over

28 countries

 For Teachers and Schools
Teachers, parents and schools are invited to share this opportunity with their students and to make talented students in particular benefit from IYMC. The monthly new challenges allow teachers to implement IYMC challenges into their curriculum. More details: here.
  Why participate?
IYMC gives you the unique opportunity to truly unleash your math skills and apply them to interesting and challenging problems. Participants with correct solutions will receive certificates and awards which prove your math skills, and you get the opportunity to participate in the pre-final round.

 Global Network
A successful participation allows you to join the IYMC network: You will get the rare chance to connect and exchange with outstanding and inspiring students world-wide. Former winners can also participate in exclusive IYMC events and have access to international IYMC meetups.

 Become Ambassador
Winners, students and teachers are encouraged to become official IYMC Ambassadors with the objective to inspire students and to encourage them to participate in IYMC. Being an IYMC Ambassador is a respected position in the IYMC network and it gives you to power to be active in the name of the IYMC community.
The form on the right enables you to upload your solution file. The file may be typed digitally or be a clear picture of youe manuscript. You can upload pdf, jpg, png and other file formats. The file size has to be below 6 MB otherwise it will be rejected by the server.

If you have already participated you only need to enter your email address in the first field. We will then add the submission to your name and past submissions.

If this is your first submission, please fill out the personal information (all fields are mandatory) and submit your file. In any case you will receive a confirmation email.

In case of problems with the submission please contact the IYMC team via email here.
For students that have already participated:
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Your solution for April:
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  Information for Teachers, Parents, and Schools
Teachers, parents, and schools are invited to share this opportunity with their students and to make talented students in particular benefit from IYMC. The monthly new challenges allow teachers to use IYMC challenges in their class and to implement them in their curriculum: Download IYMC Flyer

They are a great way to sharpen the mind of your students, to give them motivation and to challenge them with creative math problems. Therefore the problems can be used as homework or project work as well! This is guaranteed by the changing topics and types of problems: whether you search for geometry or analysis exercises, you will find them in the IYMC challenges! Previous Challenges

Furthermore, teachers and schools want to use the IYMC challenges for after-school classes or workshops. The IYMC concept of new monthly problems allows you to easily establish an IYMC group or math competition group in general. This will inspire students to get engaged with math and provide a unique opportunity for talented students to challenge their math skills.

Also, note that we award certificates for schools and institutes that have many participants and many winners as well as to individual teachers and counselor!

If you are interested in implementing a IYMC group in your school or using the IYMC problems for your curriculum or as project work, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to support and supply you with further materials. Also consider to become an official IYMC Ambassador.
  The IYMC Network
Winners and former participants of IYMC become part of the IYMC network: This network consists of outstanding and talented students from all around the world! This network enables you to get in touch with inspiring youths and to connect with students world-wide.

The central point is an online platform which makes the exchange and discussion with other interested students simple and efficient. If you have successfully participated in IYMC you will automatically receive login information from us.

Since IYMC cooperates with the International Youth Journal, participants have the great chance to publish articles and essays in the IYJ and share their knowledge, motivation, and passion with the world.

The IYMC network organizes exclusive online events for participants and offers a wide range of materials for you. National IYMC groups organize meetups of participants to get in touch, exchange experiences and work on math problems together - the national IYMC Ambassadors are responsible for national meetups and you can become one of them! We continuously look for further funding in order to arrange international meetups or workshops for excellent participants of IYMC!

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Become IYMC Ambassador
Since IYMC is an international contest with participants distributed all around the world, it is crucial to have official IYMC Ambassadors in several schools, cities, and nations. To be IYMC Ambassadors is a high honor within the IYMC community and emphasizes your encouragement: You not only represent your school or city but also manage an IYMC student group, organize IYMC events, are allowed to promote IYMC and ensure that your country has vital IYMC activity! Being an IYMC Ambassadors is not only good for your CV and career experiences, but it gives you the unique opportunity to prove your skills as coordinator and encourage students to get engaged with IYMC.

You have to be at least 14 years old, be interested in mathematics or programming and be willing to spend time to encourage students to participate in IYMC and to manage local IYMC activity.

 Application Process
In order to verify your eligibility as IYMC Ambassador please send an application letter that expresses your motivation to become Ambassador and latest your CV to the International IYMC Coordinator Fabian Schneider:

After you applied via e-mail the International Coordinator will contact you and eventually arrange a voice call via Skype or Facebook. You will get the opportunity to share your motivations and ideas. During this talk you will receive all necessary information and any issues, problems or questions will be solved. You will also receive further details on your responsibilities, possibilities and more as IYMC Ambassador!

 Responsibilities and Benefits
IYMC Ambassador is a high honor and emphasizes your encouragement! Therefore you have a variety of responsibilities such as to encourage students and youths to participate IYMC and to eventually organize IYMC events. Most importantly, you have the power to establish a strong and vital IYMC group in your region! However, this unique opportunity is not the only reason to become IYMC Ambassador: There are more benefits such as high-class career experiences, IYMC certificates and participation and representation of your region in international IYMC conferences.

During a detailed talk during your application, we will tell you everything you need to know about your responsibilities, possibilities, and benefits! Are you the passioned enough to become the next IYMC Ambassador?
 Frequently Asked Questions
+ Are high school students and university students allowed to participate?

Yes, as long as you are under 27 years old.
+ What are the restriction to participate?

You have to be under 27 years old. There are no other participation restrictions.
+ What are the different stages/rounds of IYMC?

Qualification Round: Every three month we publish a new monthly challenge. Pre-Final Round: Successful participants can participate in the pre-final round. Final Round: All finalist will fly a special place to take the final exam.
+ How and where does the pre-final round take place?

The pre-final round takes place at one day in October. We will publish the problems at this day and you have one day to upload your solutions.
+ Do I need to solve all problems A, B, and C?

No. You need to solve at least one of them correct. Choose the problem you find most interesting.
+ I have already participated. Should I participate again?

Yes, you will receive special honors for multiple participation.
+ Can I get special honors when I solve all problems A, B, and C?

+ Do I need to register before I can submit my solution?

No, registration and submission happen at the same time. If you have already participated you do not need to enter all your details again.
+ What should the submission file include?

The submission should include the solution to at least one of the problems of the monthly IYMC challenge. You can type it on a computer or send a picture of your manuscript.
+ Can I use programming to solve the math problems?

Yes. Make sure to include all programming code in the submission file. We will judge the quality and efficiency of your code.
+ Are teams allowed?

Everyone has to submit his own solution. However, you are allowed to work on the challenges with your friends together.
+ I am a teacher. Can I use the IYMC challenges in class?

Yes. We can also supply you with further information if required.
+ Are there awards for schools and institutes?

Yes, there are special honors for schools and institutes with many successful participants.
+ How to access the IYMC network online platform?

We have sent you the login information via email if you have successfully participated in an IYMC challenge. You can login here: IYMC Network Login.
+ Do I need to be a IYMC winner to become IYMC Ambassador?

+ Do I need to be a teacher, professor, or counselor to become IYMC Ambassador?

No. Professionals as well as motivated students can become IYMC Ambassadors.
+ I have problems uploading my file. What should I do?

Please tell us about the issues and send the submission file to us via mail:
The IYMC Newsletters and alerts will inform you about upcoming challenges as well as general information and activities:

  Social Media
In order to stay tuned and receive all recent posts and updates from IYMC make sure to visit our Facebook page. Also we encourage you to share our post to give everyone this great opportunity:

If you have questions, comments, issues or feedback regarding IYMC feel free to send us a message via email. However, please note that it may take a while to respond to your individual request or problem:
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